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Qanawat marries brands with technology and invaluable inventory access, resulting in brand engagement at a whole new level.

Together, we work closely with our partners, providing them with access to the inventories of Tier 1 mobile operators, along with those of third party publishers.

The opt-in advantage

What better way to ensure quality campaign interaction than to provide the subscriber with the ads they ask for?

The aim of Qanawat and our partners is to leverage the opportunities our mobile operator partners’ rich subscriber databases provide, enabling agencies to target their advertising more precisely according not only to demographics, but more importantly to personal preferences based on opt-ins. Opt-in mobile advertising is more attractive to subscribers than any form of mass communication, thereby increasing customer engagement with brands as well as allowing for two-way communication.

The criteria we use to gather data during the opt-in process is at the very least: gender, year of birth, nationality, address and preferences, all of which enrich the possibilities for advertisers.

Technology allows us to utilise real-time data pertinent to the individual subscriber, including geographic locations, time, local weather, browsing history, previous ads received, etc., in the development of new rich advertising formulas. This opens up a myriad of possibilities for quality market penetration.

Another advantage specific to mobile channels is that it affords access to segments (such as youth) where traditional channels are losing their effectiveness.

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Thinking outside the box

The communication capabilities of mobile phones are numerous - and growing - giving agencies increased creative scope and a plethora of strategic possibilities. Qanawat and our partners offer agencies the options of multiple of channels including MMS, SMS, WAP, VoiceAds©, portals, web portals, mobile apps, games, ad-funded content, mobile TV, video streaming and instant messaging.

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Real-time campaign monitoring & tracking

Qanawat takes care of the ad serving while managing real-time campaign tracking and reporting.

Advertising and media agencies are provided with logins to our systems, allowing them access to detailed real-time data including click-through ratios, giving them an instant overview of their campaign’s effectiveness. All data is reliable as it belongs to our trusted Tier 1 mobile operators.

Best of all, based on results measurement, campaigns can be adjusted, tweaked or radically changed in next to no time due to the agility of the model with which we work.

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