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A single port of call

Qanawat is a channel through which our partners have their content digitally distributed to the extensive subscriber bases of 32 mobile operators in 25 countries across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

There is no need for our partners to have direct engagement with multiple mobile operators, because we undertake water-tight distribution contract negotiations, content formatting, promotion, delivery, reporting and payment. We value our business relationships and to us at Qanawat, the satisfaction of our valued partners is a priority.

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No risk

With our revenue share model, out partners don’t need to put down any kind of investment towards these activities. Instead, they get to focus on the sales we generate, allowing the figures speak for themselves.

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Smart, effective marketing

Qanawat strategises and executes marketing campaigns for its partners’ content with successful results. We know, and continue to monitor, each region, country and demographic group. With this knowledge, we are able to maximise content sales.

Our main focus is on music, religious content and poems, which are the most highly profitable content types throughout our specialist regions. Drawing on extensive reach catalogues which are constantly updated with the latest available releases, we match region, country and demographic group to specific content types so that we target the subscriber bases with the highest demand.

We are experts in the digital channels - mobile and online - encompassing a multitude of avenues through which our partners’ content can gain exposure.

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Hands-on distribution

We distribute and sell content specifically according to territory and format, ensuring that copyright management is rigorously observed to keep all legal complications out of the picture.

We are also specialists in formatting, meticulous quality checking and delivering content to our mobile operators’ own platforms.

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Reporting and payment

We provide our customers with rigorous monthly reports on content sales and distribution as well as in-depth periodic evaluations, while ensuring that payments are made promptly.

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