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At Qanawat, we see Mobile VAS Managed Services as the dynamic combination of content and service management, content and service marketing and reporting and analysis, with partnership management firmly rooted at the core of these activities. The content categories around which our VAS Managed Services are focused include music, Islamic content, poetry, games, videos, apps and information (broadly inclusive of anything from news updates to recipes). Read more about what these categories comprise here.

The objective of our Mobile VAS Managed Services is to maximise the profitability and reduce the operational costs of our partners, while adding to the overall satisfaction of their subscribers by providing them with the best possible content or advertising that is tailored to their own needs and preferences.

Our partners let our practised team of specialists take the reins from start to finish as one seamless operation.

More sales, zero risk

Qanawat’s streamlined processes cover:

  • The full management of content and related services (from acquisition to processing, formatting and frequent updates, as well as report generation and analysis);
  • End-to-end Mobile Advertising services which include the full gamut of activities, from the technology aspect to creation and implementation of ads, to operational support, billing and collection.

With Qanawat’s Mobile VAS Managed Services, the financial risks to our partners are non-existent right from the outset. There is no initial investment on their part because our revenue share business model means we are in a unique relationship, with increased sales directly in both of our interests.

Our Mobile VAS Managed Service solution saves our partners the huge expenses of recruiting an internal content and service management team and investing in technology and infrastructure. Why should they have to grind through time-consuming content updates, inevitable set-up difficulties, ongoing maintenance, marketing and promotional activities and service performance monitoring when at Qanawat we are completely geared for these activities with our already polished model?

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We create the buzz

Qanawat not only formulates marketing and promotional plans as part of our Mobile VAS Managed Services: we execute the activities within the relevant markets too. By managing our impressive portfolio of local media agencies and third party publishers, we ensure our campaigns are impactful and effective, whether through digital or traditional media channels. What is more, based on our revenue share model, we work out a solution that suits our partners depending on the agreement. View some content campaign examples here.


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Invaluable feedback

It is important to us and to our partners that we maintain quantifiable data about our service performance. With our defined and closely monitored Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we are able to follow up should these not be met in any way and immediately provide a resolution with a course of action. We provide detailed reports and feedback to review along with our partners, as well as periodic analysis to facilitate constant improvement in sales.

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Qanawat provides full content and related service management for the Greetune service of UAE mobile operator, Etisalat.

One aspect of this service includes development of the Greetune portal, The website is a highly successful platform designed and built by Qanawat for Etisalat subscribers to select and download RingBackTones to their mobile phones.

Our Qanawat team is responsible for updating and uploading all media files, formatting where necessary, creating and uploading clickable banners and the compilation of the ‘Most Popular’, ‘Latest Tunes’ and ‘Top Sellers’ lists. We provide weekly content updates based on our extensive knowledge of the market, such as selections of the latest and most popular Islamic contents.

In addition, Qanawat handles all of the Greetune promotional activities through extensive campaigns via multi-media channels including SMS, MMS, radio, print and the web. View some examples here.


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