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Qanawat delivers a variety of fully managed content offerings to help give our partners a competitive advantage.

Subscription-based content

Our subscription services are local in flavour, delivering to the needs of subscribers and enhancing the user experience. Registration for the service is simple and user-friendly, as is de-registration.

A few examples are:

  • Fan News SMS - A subscription-based service keeping Egypt’s subscribers up to date with the latest entertainment and celebrity news up to three times a day. This service is local in flavour and edited by journalists from top newspapers and magazines in the region.
  • Million Poets Show MMS service - Dr Omar Abdel Kafy provides Islamic content in the form of parables and poems for children. These are distributed to subscribers in the Middle East three to four times a week and consist of audio, an image and text.
  • Chef Osama MMS service – Subscribers to this service receive recipes for international and Arabic dishes from regional celebrity chef, Osama Sayed. The MMS includes the ingredients and cooking method, an image of Osama and an audio voice clip. Subscribers can fully customise their preferences regarding frequency, cuisine types and courses.
  • Special religious offerings - For example, throughout Ramadan, special services are offered including daily SMSes detailing important events happening throughout the holy month, entertainment consisting short comedy movie clips (via SMS WAP push), or daily voice prayers (via MMS).
  • Shabiyat Al Cartoon – Subscribers to this service receive weekly videos and ringtones related to this popular cartoon

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Mobile competitions

There are a multitude of possibilities for mobile competitions and Qanawat is able to handle the entire process from concept to execution.

One such example was the case of Fine Hygienic Paper FZE. Qanawat ran an ‘SMS To Win’ campaign whereby the UAE company distributed flyers containing a question, along with their product. Their customers sending the correct answer via SMS to a shortcode were entered into a draw to win free gifts. Qanawat planned and hosted the campaign, including the development of the draw interface.

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Mobile quizzes

Quizzes are popular in the Middle East and allow for subscriber interaction.

As an example, Qanawat provided UAE mobile operator Etisalat with an SMS competition during the holy month of Ramadan. Customers who subscribed to the competition received a daily quiz via SMS. Participating subscribers received a free Islamic ring tone. Those who answered correctly were entered into a draw to win daily prizes worth AED 5,000.

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